Never Cut Another vegetable again

Leave the tedious work to us while you focus on the true joys of whipping up a home-cooked meal. Just adjust the level of oil and sauce for a healthy meal that's sure to impress.

What's In the Box

- Pre-portioned marinated meat 

- Washed and chopped vegetables

- Sauce and garnishes

- Aluminium trays (for oven kits only)

- Instructions on label​

PS: All kits are packed and sold on the same day to ensure maximum freshness

Never ending choices

Our curated recipes range from familiar local delights to adventurous meals inspired by other cultures. Menus rotate weekly - get ready to be surprised!

No Cutting or Washing

All our ingredients are washed, portioned, and chopped to the requirements of the recipe.  Ingredients are prepped and vacuum-sealed the same day for freshness.

Magic in Minutes

Step 1: Follow the step-by-step instructions (all it takes is 5 minutes*); Step 2: Feel empowered by your new-found skill.
"Look, mum, I can cook!"


Contents and Preparation

We provide all the ingredients, garnishes and sauces to make your meal, except for oil, water (needed for some kits) and optional salt/pepper.

We also indicate the type of equipment you may need on the front of each label. Our stir-fry kits will require you to have a pan, a spatula and a stove. Our oven kits require an oven (we provide the tray), and our steamer kits require a steamer (or a pot, steam-safe plate and steaming tripod, if you are old-school like us).

We've designed Prepped kits to work in most basic kitchens, so you don't have to worry about needing special tools - just bring your A-game and enjoy the process!

As long as you can turn on the stove (or oven), we have a kit for you!

Our packs are graded by effort level:

1 chef's hat: Easy-peasy, and pretty much fool-proof! This meal is designed to be very quick to cook, and to turn out great even if you chuck everything into the pan at once 2 chef hats: Still an easy one-pan/pot meal; it may just take a few more steps to get your dish ready to eat

3 chef hats: If you're feeling a bit more hard working...there's a big payoff waiting. We know you can do it!

We do not add any MSG into our kits.

That said, there may be trace amounts of MSG in certain sauces due to the natural brewing process (e.g. soy sauce and oyster sauce). We use the same brands you find in the grocery stores (Tai-hwa and Woh-hup)

Storage & expiration

Our kits are built to last for 3 days, in the chiller section of your refrigerator, from the day it is packed.

The packed date is listed on the front of the box, so be sure to look out for it.

We usually pack the kits on the same day we deliver to you thue ensuring maximum freshness and shelf life

Portion Sizes

We have two sizes:

(1) Single portions (Serves 1): These kits are sized to feed one person when paired with rice (or your carb of choice) person = a medium appetite, slightly chubby adult male to be exact (ahem our co-founder).

(2) Double portions (Serves 2): These kits are designed to feed two, when paired with rice or a carb of your choice.

Alternatively, if you prefer variety, two single portions and one double portion can feed a family of 3-4. Or 2 doubles and 1 single for a family of 4-5...we could go on, but you get the idea. The permutations are yours to choose!

Nope, our kits do not include rice but you can buy microwavable rice from us if needed