Steel cut oatbowls filled with roasted vegetable and superfoods, all under 5 minutes? Dig in first, thank us later

How to Microwave

1) Remove protective film and add a splash (15-20ml) of your favorite liquid (oat milk, almond milk, cow's milk or water)

2) Microwave uncovered on high for 2-3 minutes until contents soften

3) Stir ingredients to ensure even heating, and microwave for another 30 seconds

3) Remove from microwave and allow the oatmeal to cool before digging in
PS: This is the most excruciating part...and we've only really lasted 30 seconds ever

How to Heat on a stove

1) Remove protective film and empty contents into a pot

2) Add about 50-100ml of liquid of your choice (oat milk, milk or water) and heat on low

3) Stir frequently making sure to break the oatmeal ball as it defrosts.

4) Continue heating until all the liquid has been absorbed or oatmeal reaches the desired consistency

Frequently Asked Questions


Keep the pots frozen in your freezer

Oatmeal bowls can be store for up to a year although we recommend consuming it by the best buy date listed on the pot (6 months from the date of production)

We'll ship your bowls in a thermal insulated bag/box along with enough ice to keep them frozen. That said it is best to have somebody around to collect these and put them in the freezer immediately

Product questions

Each pot is a single portion size (for one slightly large person to be exact....our founder)

Yes it is vegan. We do not add any animal products into our oatbowls

We've ensured that at risk items (e.g rolled oats) are from gluten free sources.

Our facility is currently not gluten free certified

We do not add any refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. Rather we lean on vegetables (e.g. sweet potatoes, pumpkin, dates), natural unrefined sweets (organic blue agave) and techniques (slow roasting) to enchance the sweetness of the vegetables in the oatmeal


The pots (like most paper food packaging in singapore) are PE lined to ensure that they stay microwavable safe. In Singapore, they are recyclable as long as you wash them!

You can keep both ice and box to use. Otherwise, you can also leave them by your door during your next purchase and our delivery team will reuse it for your next batch