Bruno exclusive: 6 Oatmeal Breakfast Bundle

Bruno exclusive: 6 Oatmeal Breakfast Bundle

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If you're like us and love to sleep in till the last moment before going to work, then you most likely face the same issue we are plagued with: when can i squeeze breakfast in.

Thankfully with the mini pot, we're able to heat our oatmeal bowls right in the office panty, 10 mins later we have a piping hot flavorful oatmeal just in-time for our first morning call (yes we totally eat during calls >_<)

Note: (1) Oatmeals keep for up to 6 months in the freezer; (2) This Oatmeal set does not come with the Bruno multi mini pot

Prepped's Hacks

Discover more ways to use your multi mini pot, with Prepped's bundle of meals that take you from breakfast to dinner.

All ingredients (meat, vegetables, sauces) are included, washed and prepped, with step by step instructions. The Starter Set includes the following types of meals: 
- 1 Breakfast Oatmeal
- 1 Hearty Stew
- 1 Nourishing Soup 
- 1 Scrumptious Braise