Vietnamese braised fish (Ca Kho To)

Vietnamese braised fish (Ca Kho To)

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Yes, we may not have a clay pot at home, but that doesn't stop us from making this amazing caramelized braised fish a staple in our weekly rotation. Thick juicy pieces of fish glistening in a glorious coconut water, fish sauce and caramel braise; top this over rice with a side of bok choi and you'll be glad you went home for dinner.

This dish is easy, fuss free yet packed with flavor...the perfect end to a busy day. 

Borcoutie: 200g
Bok Choi: 60g
Red Onions: 40g
Garlic: 10g
Mild Red Chili: 10g

Sauce/Marinade: 240ml
Coconut Water, Brown Sugar, Fish sauce, Garlic, Red Onions, Salt, Black Pepper

What to Expect

Effort Level: 1 Hat

Equipment Needed: Pot

Cooking Time: 10-15 minutes

Spice Level: Mild Spice (1 chilli)

Total Calories: 544kcal