Truffle Treasures

Truffle Treasures

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Crunch is the often forgotten texture, with this dish we celebrate the different types of crunch from our favorite vegetables. Cook this following the recommend timing, and you'll have a complexly layered dish full of snaps, clicks, pops and crackles all smothered in a decadent truffle laced sauce.

Note: This dish is portioned as a shareable dish for 3-5 pax.

Asparagus: 200g
Shimeiji: 70g
Baby Corn: 70g
Carrots: 70g
Lily Bulb: 30g
Ginko: 30g
Garlic: 10g

Sauce: Vegetarian stock, Sugar, Salt, Water, Truffle oil

Goes well with

Miso Gindara Cod: Silky, flakey with just the right amount of umami

Drunken Chicken: Steamed stuffed chicken thighs coated with a herbal wine sauce