Sugarcane Chicken Satay

Sugarcane Chicken Satay

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Not your usual satay skewers! These Thai inspired bad boys lean more to the fragrant tangy side, bursting with floral scents from the ginger flower. To kick it up a notch, all this yumminess is wrapped around a "skewer" made from sugarcane. Be sure to bite down hard and allow the natural sweetness of the sugarcane to further enhance the flavor of your new favorite type of satay.

PS: If you're a straw biter like us, you'll love biting into these sticks of juicy sugarcane...just be careful, they could be a little hot.

Minced Chicken: 120g
Sugar cane: 30g
Cucumbers: 30g
Red Onions: 10g
Ginger: 5g
Garlic: 5g
Ginger Flower: 5g
Spring Onions: 5g

Marinade/Sauce: 30ml
Brown Sugar, Lime Juice, Fish sauce [Anchovy, Water, Salt, Sugar], Light soy sauce [Water, Soya Bean, Sugar, Salt, Wheat Flour, Sodium Benzoate]

What to Expect

Effort Level: 2 Hats

Equipment Needed: Pan

Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Spice Level: No Spice (0 chilli)

Total Calories: 190kcal