Smoked haddock and salmon two fish roast

Smoked haddock and salmon two fish roast

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You've probably heard of the turducken (chicken in a duck in a turkey), say hi to it's fish cousin. Two slabs of marbled Atlantic salmon stuffed with smoked Norwegian haddock, coriander garlic compound butter, and lemon. The smoked haddock imparts a smokey hue to the salmon while the compound butter bastes the salmon from the inside out as it roasts. Top this all off with our home made roasted pepper chickpea sauce and this year's Christmas showstopper will be yours.


Salmon: ~900g
Smoke Haddock: 150g
Coriander garlic compound butter: 100g
Lemons: 8 slices

Red peppers, onions, chickpeas, chicken stock, salt, sugar, smoked paprika

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