Urab Sayur

Urab Sayur

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Freshly grate a coconut then toast with aromatic shallots, lemongrass, kefir lime leaves and a hint of chilli. Top this over a bed of crunchy long beans, tender bean sprouts and leafy spinach and you have yourself a vegan taste bomb that can be both served hot or as a cold side.

Sounds daunting? Thankfully you have us to do all that prep :-)

Long Beans: 200g
Bean Sprouts: 150g
Spinach: 150g
Grated Coconut: 60g
Shallots: 30g
Lemongrass: 20
Garlic: 20g
Ginger: 10g
Mild Red Chilli: 5g
Lime Leaves: 3g

Goes well with

Balinese Roasted Chicken: Grilled spatchedcock chicken marinated with 11 spices/herbs in a lime infused kecap manis glaze. Serve with a side of sambal matah

Dirty Nasi Kuning: Steamed turmeric coconut rice spiked with sausage, peppers and onions