Pistachio Crusted Burnt Apple Pork Roll

Pistachio Crusted Burnt Apple Pork Roll

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Yes, apples go great with pork, but you know what's better? When we slow caramelize apples under gentle heat and let all those natural sugars deepen in flavor to create a house-made apple sauce. Now slather that applesauce all over your pork roll, stuff it full with herbs and mozzarella and encase it all in a parmesan pistachio crust...Now that's a show stopper.

The roll feeds 3 people, if eaten as a main.

Pork Loin: 600g
Burnt Apple Sauce: 100g
Mozzarella: 50g
Pistachios: 50g
Parmesan: 20g
Panko: 20g
Thyme: 5g
Rosemary: 5g


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