Miso snow cod with kabocha sweet potato mash (Serves 2)

Miso snow cod with kabocha sweet potato mash (Serves 2)

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Once in a while, we come across an ingredient so unique and eye-opening that it calls for an equally stunning recipe. That's the challenge we received when we tried the Yuzu Butter from Atas Butter. To highlight the explosion of flora notes and citrus tangs of the yuzu butter, we co-opted a miso black cod recipe, dialed the luxe factor up to 100 by using snow cod, and paired it with a slow roasted kabocha sweet potato mash. Let that yuzu butter melt all over the rich silky cod and into the mash, and get ready for what can only be describe as dining bliss.

P.S. Prefer a more full bodied umami taste? Opt for the kombu butter! It's complex and savory, and you'd might even think you're sitting by the ocean.

Butter Pairing:Yuzu Butter

Atas Butter

Fresh locally churned artisanal butter right in our little island!

Atas Butter was started in 2022 after an inspirational trip to Tasmania. Over there, we tasted delicious cultured butter on fresh bread and wanted to bring that beautiful experience to the tables here in Singapore.

We first source for the freshest cream with no preservatives or additives like stabilisers, emulsifiers or thickeners.

Then we culture our cream by inoculating it with a lactobacillus culture and letting it culture into a delicious soured cream (crème fraîche) for 24 hours. This process is responsible for the tangy and buttery flavour of our butter.

Our butter is then freshly churned from the crème fraîche, creating a product that is less processed, smoother and all-around more natural.

Lastly, we hand-knead the butter which enhances the flavour profile. We then use this fresh butter as the base for our various butters.

Source: Atas Butter

Snow Cod: 300g
Kabocha pumpkin: 150g
Sweet Potato: 150g
Edamame: 20g
Bok Choi: 40g
Yuzu/Kombu butter from Atas Butter: 25g

White miso, mirin, sake, sugar, coconut milk