Miso Gindara Cod

Miso Gindara Cod

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Gindara is a bit of an unheralded fish, more of a if you know you KNOW kind of fish. Sometimes called the black cod, this is, in our opinion, the best fish on earth. Sure, the snow cod is silkier and more buttery, but you try eating more than a few mouthfuls of that fish without thinking of the word jelak. Yes Atlantic cod and haddock flake amazingly well, but where's that wagyu like intramuscular fat?

This is where the Gindara comes in, right in the perfect intersection of decadently flakey yet still lean enough that you'd fight for seconds. Cure it with a rich miso base then served with some yakitori negi skewers and people might just forget about the ang pow you still owe them from last year.


Gindara: 4 Fillets (130-140g each)
Leeks: 4 skewers

Marinade: White miso, Light soy sauce, Mirin, Sake, Sugar
Sauce: Light Soy Sauce, Mirin, Sugar, Sake

Goes well with

Miso Gindara Cod: Silky, flakey with just the right amount of umami

Drunken Chicken: Steamed stuffed chicken thighs coated with a herbal wine sauce