Lily Bud Stewed Chicken

Lily Bud Stewed Chicken

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Some of our earliest memories as kids were that of getting all the cousins around around the dinner table prepping for the night's CNY reunion dinner. One of the chores: tying lily bulb knots! This chore was best done by the deft nimble hands of children, or so they told us (we're starting to realize how guillible we were).

While the buds get used in a variety of dishes, none were more memorable than the humble stewed chicken. Lovingly simmered with mushrooms, scallions, ginger and lily buds, this dish sent aromas wafting through the kitchen and was eaten both the night of and the day after.

PS: we've added chestnuts (a thing we learnt to love in stews during our time in Korea) for an added touch of warmth and  sweetness. Just remember to keep them covered under the liquid while simmering so that they fully soften.

Chicken Thigs: 360g
Shiitake Mushrooms: 60g
Woodear Mushrooms: 50g
Chestnuts: 50g
Lily Buds: 30g
Scallions: 30g
Ginger: 10g

Sauce: Oyster Sauce, Water, Sugar, Sesame Oil

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