Kinpira Burdock and Carrots

Kinpira Burdock and Carrots

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You'll often see this as a side dish in your favorite bento or Japanese meal....if you're anything like us, you've probably routinely lament about the small serving size and possibly even shamelessly ask for more.

Kinpira is a method of first sautéing, then simmering in a stock; one that works amazingly well with crunchy vegetables. The sautéing helps to soften the vegetables allowing them to fully absorb all that yummy stock used in the simmering process. While a little patience is required, following these steps will yield a scrumptious side dish that can be consumed both warm or cold.... perfect for batch cooking!

Burdock: 80g
Carrots: 80g
Onions: 50g
Sesame Seeds: 1 tsp

Sauce: 80ml
Water, Light Soy Sauce, Sake, Mirin, Sugar, Sesame Oil

What to Expect

Effort Level: 1 Hat

Equipment Needed: Pan

Cooking Time: 8-10 minutes

Spice Level: No spice (0 chillis)

Total Calories: 225