Firecracker Beef

Firecracker Beef

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Our go-to carb topper. Be it noodles, rice or even a toasted butter brioche, this topper is going to make it taste AH-mazing!  Savory mince seasoned with a sweet and tangy honey sriracha sauce, then smothered with shredded brussel sprouts....need we say more?

Minced Beef: 120g

Brussel Sprouts: 80g

Onion: 30g

Mild Green Chili: 5g

Garlic: 5g

Sauce: 60ml

Honey, Sriracha Hot sauce, Lime Juice, Light Soy Sauce, Water, Cornstarch

What to Expect

Effort Level: 1 Hat

Equipment Needed: Pot

Cooking Time: 4-6 minutes

Spice Level: Mild Spice (1 chilli)

Total Calories: 422kcal