Drunken Chicken

Drunken Chicken

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We love a good porchetta or lechon: stuffing all those herbs and aromatics into the center of the meat imparts a great flavor during roasting, but also adds a bit of texture with each bite. So, what if we did the same with an otherwise very traditional poached chicken? Our rendition of an herbal drunken chicken of course

First, we roll our chicken thighs around a bundle of spring onions, ginger and wolfberries. The gentle steaming process helps to release those flavors while keeping the chicken moist. Drizzle on a herbal sauce made from dangui, red dates and the chicken drippings from the steaming process and say hi to what is possible your new favorite side dish.


Chicken Thighs: 400g
Spring Onions: 30g
Ginger: 20g
Red Dates: 5g
Wolfberries: 5g
Dang gui: 5g

Sauce: Water, Shaoxing, Rock Sugar, Sea Salt

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