Dirty Nasi Kuning

Dirty Nasi Kuning

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Rice is good, but rice spiked with flavor is great, so groundbreaking we could eat it as a dish on its own. Chicken rice, Nasi Lemak, Biryani...the list goes on. Among them is the underrated Nasi Kuning, turmeric rice. So what could make it better? Making it dirty of course.

Using our favorite cajun technique, we added in northern-thai styled chicken sausage, bell pepper, onions to create a base packed with flavor, then cooked the turmeric rice using its traditional lemak method. The result: a side so delicious we started squirreling away portion to keep for the days after. Sharing is caring, unless it is dirty nasi kuning.

Minced Chicken: 300g
Rice: 300g
Onions: 100g
Green Pepper: 75g
Red Peppers: 75g
Pandan Leaves: 15g
Lemongrass: 10g
Lime Leaves: 5g

Coconut powder, Turmeric, Shallots, Cilantro, Spring Onions, Lime Leaves, Turmeric, Garlic, Lemongrass, Mild Red Chilli, Sugar, Salt, Fish sauce, Light Soy Sauce

Goes well with

Balinese Roasted Chicken: Grilled spatchedcock chicken marinated with 11 spices/herbs in a lime infused kecap manis glaze. Serve with a side of sambal matah

Urab Sayur: Freshly toasted grated coconut tossed with aromatic spices and crunchy blanced vegetables