Calabrese Hasselbacked Potatoes

Calabrese Hasselbacked Potatoes

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We love a good bomba calabrese sauce.....but as the name sounds, man is it spicy. To make this a lot more Christmas friendly, we went to work making our own. The result? A milder calabrese sauce packed with more sweetness and floral notes than usual. Sure, it isn't your traditional bomba calabrese, but load that sauce on top of some hasselbacked potatoes and you'll never roast another potato the same way again.

PS: Why go through the trouble of hasselbacking a potato? Well, because those ridges open up so beautifully when roasted, capturing all that calabrese sauce in its crevices (kinda like a well paired pasta shape).

Potatoes: 600g
Parmesan Cheese: 20g
Basil: 5g

Sauce: Red Peppers, Onions, Eggplants, Swiss Brown Mushrooms, Olive Oil, Vinegar, Oregano,

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