Bittergourd in Black Bean Sauce

Bittergourd in Black Bean Sauce

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We tend to use tartness and acid to help balance out the umami notes of a dish, but have you tried using the oft-maligned taste, bitter, instead?

Bitter gourd is one of our favorite ways to do this! The gourd starts off by acting as a sponge, soaking up the deep savory black bean sauce. Its natural bitter-sweet profile (think of a really dark chocolate or mole) then helps to cut through the initial savory-ness of the sauce, while each subsequent bites releases more sauce creating a time-release capsule of umami goodness. Toss in few more textures in the forms of carrots and mince and get ready to discover your new favorite dish.

Size:Single Portion

Bittergourd: 120g
Pork Mince: 80g
Carrot: 30g
Garlic: 5g
Ginger: 5g

Marinade/Sauce: 65ml
Water, Black bean Paste, Shaoxing Wine, Sugar, Dark Soy Sauce, Cornstarch

What to Expect

Effort Level: 2 Hats

Equipment Needed: Pan

Cooking Time: 5-6 minutes

Spice Level: No Spice (0 chilli)

Total Calories: 365kcal