What to Expect 

More than just a meal: Here are added benefits you may experience from our kits....get ready to enjoy!

Waste less, Pay less

No more wasting food because you're forced to buy in bulk.

Portioned meal kits mean you only pay for what you need and can try something new daily

Be the hero

Cooking requires just 5 mins of magic from you. Our kits are designed to make even the worst of us look like kitchen rock-stars


You're welcome ^__^


What will you do with all this freed up time? Go for a relaxing jog, read that book you've been saving, spend more time with the kids...all of the above?


The sky's the limit

How to Enjoy Life

One Minute Tutorials

Need instructions in a more visual format? Or just enjoy watching cooking videos? Find your kit below and follow our experts as they take you through the entire process

From The Test Kitchen