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More than just a meal: Here are added benefits you may experience from our kits....get ready to enjoy!

Waste less, Pay less

No more wasting food because you're forced to buy in bulk.

Portioned meal kits mean you only pay for what you need and can try something new daily

Be the hero

Cooking requires just 5 mins of magic from you. Our kits are designed to make even the worst of us look like kitchen rock-stars


You're welcome ^__^


What will you do with all this freed up time? Go for a relaxing jog, read that book you've been saving, spend more time with the kids...all of the above?


The sky's the limit

How to Enjoy Life

One Minute Tutorials

Need instructions in a more visual format? Or just enjoy watching cooking videos? Find your kit below and follow our experts as they take you through the entire process

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Frequently asked questions

What is the shelf life of Prepped kits?

Our kits are built to last for 3 days in your refrigerator from the day it is packed. The packed date is listed on the front of the box, so be sure to look out for it.

For how long can Prepped kits last at room temperature?

Like all meat products you buy from the grocery store, we recommend that they be refrigerated as soon as possible. P.S. Ask us for ice if your commute is on the long side

Do I need to know how to cook?

As long as you can turn on the stove (or oven), we have a kit for you! Our packs are graded by effort level: 1 chef's hat: Easy-peasy, and pretty much fool-proof! This meal is designed to be very quick to cook, and to turn out great even if you chuck everything into the pan at once

2 chef hats: Still an easy one-pan/pot meal; it may just take a few more steps to get your dish ready to eat
3 chef hats: If you're feeling a bit more hard working...there's a big payoff waiting. We know you can do it!

How fresh are your kits?

For maximum freshness, we cut the vegetables only on the day we pack them. All kits come with a "packed on" date and we recommend eating them within 3 days of the listed "packed on" date All the vegetables and meats in the kit are vacuum sealed allowing them to remain fresh in your fridge without any additional preservatives. You definitely won't serve leftover vegetables to your loved ones and you can be sure we wouldn't do that to you either.

Where do you get your produce from?

We get our produce from local distributors that supply some of your favourite restaurants. Early morning wholesale market runs anyone? For meats, we chose cuts from the following sources: Beef: Australia Pork: Australia/Brazil/ Chicken: Malaysia/Brazil Salmon: Chile

Do you deliver?

Yes! You can get Prepped kits delivered to you if you order on our website. Islandwide*, you asked? Why of course, if you want it, we'll try and get it to you. *Excludes areas outside of mainland Singapore

Where can I buy Prepped kits?

Find us online on our Website or on the Foodpanda app (under the Pandamart section). We are also available in-store, at OUE Downtown Gallery, #03-03/02. Our store is located in the same space as OUE Social Kitchen, so feel free to pop by and say hello!

What do I need in my kitchen to make a Prepped kit work?

We provide all the ingredients, garnishes and sauces to make your meal, except for oil, water (needed for some kits) and optional salt/pepper. We also indicate the type of equipment you may need on the front of each label. Our stir-fry kits will require you to have a pan, a spatula and a stove. Our oven kits require an oven (we provide the tray), and our steamer kits require a steamer (or a pot, steam-safe plate and steaming tripod, if you are old-school like us). We've designed Prepped kits to work in most basic kitchens, so you don't have to worry about needing special tools - just bring your A-game and enjoy the process!

Do Prepped kits come with rice?

Nope, our kits do not include rice. At some of our locations, we give you the option of purchasing cooked rice on the side, if you should need it.

Portion Size

We have two sizes: (1) Single portions (Serves 1): These kits are sized to feed one person when paired with rice (or your carb of choice)....one person = a medium appetite, slightly chubby adult male to be exact (ahem our co-founder). (2) Double portions (Serves 2): These kits are designed to feed two, when paired with rice or a carb of your choice. Alternatively, if you prefer variety, two single portions and one double portion can feed a family of 3-4. Or 2 doubles and 1 single for a family of 4-5...we could go on, but you get the idea. The permutations are yours to choose!

Which kits do I get when I order online?

We try to give you the freshest kit possible (i.e. those packed on the day of delivery) In the event that we do not pack a specific menu on your delivery date, we will give you one from the day before. *Kits that are over 2 days old will not be sold unless the customer specifically chooses it from the discounted section in store.

How much is delivery? Is there a minimum order?

Delivery is a flat $5, regardless of your order size. Correspondingly, there is no minimum order required - we've kept it flexible so you only buy what you need. (Cos we understand if your fridge has no space, or if you're unable to plan for that many meals in advance - we've been there before!)