Winter Melon Meatball Soup (Serves 2)
  • Winter Melon Meatball Soup (Serves 2)

    Created by Prepped in conjunction with Knorr


    We got a bit FOMO when we were working on bringing the knorr campaign to life, so here's our take on a knorr savor rich inspired recipe. We love the use of wintermelon in soups as it adds a refreshing snap to a rich soup without overpowering the flavorful broth, throw in some meatballs and cellophane noodles and you have a soup to warm you up if you get caught in an afternoon thunderstorm.

    • Ground Pork/chicken: 120g

      Winter Melon: 80g

      Cellophane Noodles: 40g

      Scallions: 30g

      Spring Onions: 10g

      Water Chestnuts: 10g

      Garlic: 5g

      Ginger: 5g




      Light soy sauce [Water, Soya Bean, Sugar, Salt, Wheat Flour, Sodium Benzoate], Shaoxing Wine, Cornstarch, Savor Rich, Sesame Oil, White Pepper