Taiping Style Otah
  • Taiping Style Otah

    Family heirlooms come in many shapes and sizes, jade, diamonds, a biscuit tin full of money....ours comes in the form of an Otah recipe. Our 12 ingredient rempah creates the complex base of flavors from which we layer on large meaty chunks of white snapper so that you'll never have to wonder where the fish went. Lastly a layer of longalok (wild pepper leaf) infuses the dish with a hint of herbiness transforming this dish into one that we hope will be on your dinner table for years to come


    Check out how our rempah is made (https://www.prepped.com.sg/post/mother-s-day-special-preserving-the-ultimate-rempah-recipe)

    • Contains crustaceans, fish, soy, gluten.

      May contain traces of tree nuts