Stuffed Gourds and Shrooms

Stuffed Gourds and Shrooms

Now this is how you layer taste profiles: At first bite, the savory meat patties burst with umami, releasing those marinated juices you've spent the last 18 minutes slowly steaming. Then the crunch and sweetness of the water chestnuts kick in as you slowly chew on the rest of the dish. Before you can say "ooo that's too rich" the slight bitterness of the gourd envelopes your tastebuds, acting as a palette cleanser, readying you for your next mouthful. Best of all: because this a steamed dish, it isn't such a guilty pleasure that you can't have two more, or three!
  • Minced Pork/Chicken: 120g

    Bittergourd: 60g

    Shiitake Mushrooms: 60g

    Water chestnuts: 20g

    Carrots: 10

    Garlic: 5g

    Ginger: 5g



    Light soy sauce, Oyster sauce, Sesame Oil, Sugar, Salt, White Pepper, Cornstarch