Simmered Winter Veggies

Simmered Winter Veggies

Harsh winters used to be something we had to deal with every year; on the coldest days we'd pull out our favorite hygge dish: buri daikon. To truly get rid of the winter blues, we introduced quintessential summer veggies (thank you whoever invented greenhouses) like peppers and zucchinis to brighten up those sunless days. Our favorite part of this dish, you can eat it hot, or cool it and eat it cold....equally good. A staple in our fridge....if it even makes it there.

PS: Wait for a rainy day, blast the aircon, and try this'll see what we mean

  • Effort Level: 1 Hat

    Equipment Needed: Pan/pot

    Cooking Time: 8-12minutes

    Spice Level: No Spice

    Total Calories: 245 kcal