Tangy Larb with Winged Beans

Tangy Larb with Winged Beans

We Larb this dish. 


Where should we start? It tastes healthy like a salad, yet still packs a punch with the meat. It's familiar enough, but also has an uncommon vegetable (winged beans) that you can impress your friends and family with. It tastes great right off the hob, but even better the day after straight from the fridge....

Love at first sight? More like Larb at first bite....

  • Minced Chicken/Pork: 100g

    Winged Beans: 40g

    Shallots: 40g

    Garlic: 10g

    Mild Red Chillis: 10g

    Toasted Rice: 5g

    Cilantro: 3g

    Thai Basil: 3g

    Mint: 3g



    Fresh Lime juice

    Fish sauce