Kam Heong Chicken (Serves 2)

Kam Heong Chicken (Serves 2)

Created by @honeybeesweets in conjunction with Knorr


Kam Heong chicken is very much a unique dish in Singapore and Malaysia. I love that it uses local seasonings like curry leafs, dried shrimps and curry powder which makes it extra delicious with the taste of home. It has been my family favourite, now it can be yours too.



  • Chicken Thighs: 240g

    Onions: 100g

    Shallots: 20g

    Mild Red Chillis: 10g

    Garlic: 10g

    Ginger: 10g

    Dried Shrimp: 5g

    Curry Leaves: 5g



    Water, Knorr Savor Rich Concentrated Chicken Stock, Curry Powder, Brown Sugar, White Pepper