Chinese Chicken Soup with Mushroom (Serves 1)

Chinese Chicken Soup with Mushroom (Serves 1)

Created by @theramengirl in conjunction with Knorr


I’m a Cantonese and I grew up drinking soup every week because soup is a big part of Cantonese culinary culture. 


This Chicken soup doesn't need to take hours to make - it’s simple, delicious and comforting! The ingredients such as Goji Berries, Red Dates, Mushrooms help to nourish the body too.



  • Bone-in Chicken Leg: ~350g

    Scallions: 30g

    Dried Shiitake Mushrooms: 4 pcs

    Red Dates: 15g

    Goji Berries: 15g

    Ginger: 15g



    Knorr Savor Rich Concentrated Chicken Stock