Dig a Little Deeper #1: What's with the box?

A box is a box is a box....right? Not really, not if you want to please your customers.

Choosing a box to house our ingredients turned out to be a process that was part art, part science, and a whole lot of listening to our customers.

Iteration #1: Plastic Clamshell

What's in the box

When it comes to lowering costs while maximizing product visibility, nothing beats a traditional plastic clam-shell.

Downside: We got called turtle killers 😭

The numerous amount of feedback we got demanding more environmentally friendly packaging made us smile knowing that our planet has hope, but also made us weep knowing that our margins will suffer.

Not all paper boxes are recyclable. Definitely not ones that have been lined with a moisture-proof coating.

Iteration #2: Unlined box

To ensure that the vessel was fully recyclable, we experimented with an unlined paper box. Alas, problems quickly came bubbling to the top.

Not having a window made people mad

Not having visibility of the ingredients really got people mad, and we don't mean the crazy for our product kind of mad.

Users started trying to pry the box open to check what was inside. Some just said: "No window, no purchase"

Another fatal flaw with this iteration was the lack of a lining. There is nothing worse than sweating through your shirt when you get home, and realizing that your dinner has also sweat through its box....ugh....gross.

Singapore's domestic recycling rate was a low 22% last year. Only 33% knew that soiled paper food packaging was not recyclable - MEWR survey

Recycling is not easy. Most of us don't do enough of it and when we do, we do it incorrectly.

Iteration #3: Lined box with a clear window made from recycled paper

Instead of making the box recyclable and praying that our users recycle, we've decided to preempt this by making sure our box is created from recycled materials. That way, we contribute a little to the recycling ecosystem. Doing this also allows us to give you a window so you can look into our soul (erm....our kits) and know for certain the produce in there is fresh. Lastly a lined box means you don't have to be afraid of accidental sauce spills or condensation; you could even use it as a plate if you so chose. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

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