Marmagaddon: When you can't find one of your key ingredients we've been planning to launch a new menu item for a few weeks now: Ooey Gooey Marmite Steak!

Everything seemed to be going swell; we've got pent up demand for a new beef kit, we've got a killer recipe using a polarizing yet oh so tasty main ingredient, it looks smashing in photos, and our testers all seem to love the taste of it.

Two days before the launch we realized something: WE DO NOT HAVE MARMITE...OUR SUPPLIERS DO NOT HAVE MARMITE... NO ONE HAS MARMITE

Stage 1 of Marmaggedon: Finding out that this is a global shortage...but silver lining!

Apparently, a shortage of brewers yeast meant that production of larger sized Marmite has been temporarily halted. No wonder our suppliers didn't have any.

But wait...smaller jars are still available! Time to hunt down these smaller jars. Let the GREAT MARMITE HUNT BEGIN!

Stage 2 of Marmaggedon: THE GREAT MARMITE HUNT

Since none of our suppliers carry the small Marmite jars, we had no choice but to hunt down these smaller jars at our neighborhood grocery stores. When we said "our" neighborhood, we really meant ours and pretty much everyone else's. 2 Coldstorages, 3 NTUCs and 1 Sheng Siong later, we found our Marmite!

Interesting facts we learned over the course of our Marmite hunt:

1) Marmite is not found at the international aisle of the supermarket. It's more local than we thought!

2) There is no shortage of Borvil or Vegemite. Just no Marmite :(

3) Marmite is different things to different people:

  • NTUC: It is found in the Jam aisle! I guess the association of Marmite and toast? Alas, we only found the super small bottles. Imagine the number of bottles we'd go through....all that glass 😔

  • Cold Storage: We couldn't find any. Maybe we were looking in the wrong places... but zilch

  • Sheng Siong: Found it in the baby aisle, nestled between the milk powder and formula. I mean....whaaat? Is there some hidden use of Marmite for babies we don't know about? The good news, they had large bottles 🎰🎰🎰

Stage 3 of Marmaggedon: To Hoard or not to Hoard?

So we found it, now what? Deep down inside we want to buy it all, ALL. There is no greater panic than selling a kit that you have no ingredients for. But we've all seen what happened when people start hoarding and at Prepped, we'd like to think that we are responsible members of society, so no irrational hoarding.

Keyword: irrational 🥁🥁🥁

Rational explanation #1: I can totally eat Marmite for breakfast over the next month

Rational explanation #2: We're buying it for others, so we're not technically "hoarding"

Rational explanation #3: If we only buy 2, but from every stocked location in Singapore, it isn't called hoarding right?

Clearly, none of those really stuck so we left with only a few bottles - enough for a first week run of the dish, we hope. Walking away from that glistening shelf of 12 other bottles was hard but at least we have our dignity intact. Too bad dignity cannot be used to make Ooey Gooey Marmite Steak.

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