Drool worthy meals: Pork Belly Kimchi

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While most people suffer from the Monday blues, we think hump day Wednesdays are actually the hardest. Not only are work deadlines starting to come due, housework is also starting to pile up and become visible. Talk about a double downer 👎👎👎

Before Prepped, the place we worked at would have regular kimchi on most days, but on Wednesdays they would cart out the good stuff: unlimited pan-fried kimchi. I'm pretty sure that was what kept the whole workforce going for most weeks.

Cooked kimchi tastes nothing like its fresh brethren. Once cooked, all that tangy acidic tartness that we associate with kimchi transforms into a wave of umami richness accentuated by the sweetness of the cabbage, chillis and ground shrimp. Top it all off with pork belly and 🍽️ will never be the same.

Keys to making a good kimchi stir-fry

Now you can't just go out, buy kimchi and make your own. Like all good things, this is going to take time and a lot of patience

Properly aged kimchi is the key: too young and the flavors don't develop, all you get is cooked watery cabbage. Too old and it'll be like eating a Warhead extreme sour candy with every bite.

Here at Prepped, we tend to get a bit nerdy about our food and also pretty neow about consistency. So instead of the normal agar-ration, we brushed the dust off our secondary school chemistry lab knowledge and took to a combination of pH paper and a pH meter to get you the best kimchi you deserve. 4 weeks of waiting and loads of extremely "objective" taste testing later we have our conclusion: kimchi at the pH of 4.2 will taste the best!

No pH paper to test? No patience to wait for kimchi to ferment? No problem, we have a kit and it has your name on it. Let every day be kimchi Wednesday!

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