Guilt-free and easy

Made from only whole fruits, vegetables and superfoods. Blend with water for a refreshing snack or oatmilk for the perfect post workout recovery smoothie

- No sugar or cheap fillers

- Vegan and gluten free

- Slow ripen fruits for optimum flavor and nutrition

Supercharge your day

Layered with complex slow release carbs and healthy fats to keep you full and satisfied throughout the busiest part of your day

- Steel cut oats for slow energy release without the crash

- Roaste vegetables/fruit for fiber and a jolt to your taste-buds

- Nuts and Superfood for the essential healthy fats

Always Ripe Fruits

Never wait for another fruit to ripen, or suffer a sub-par meal because you're missing an ingredient.

Ready in minutes

Truly nutritious meals take time to make, but you have us. Now sit back and enjoy your best life

No Clean up

Yes! It is that easy. Everything packed into easy and convenient single servings to keep you going