How to have your cake and eat it?

Does it seem like you're always trading one thing for another? We have limited time and busy schedules, so we end up having to choose between exercising after work or using the time to prepare a healthy meal, cooking something new or using the leftovers in the fridge, having a successful career or being a super mum.

Here at Prepped, we believe that with enough preparation you can turn all those "either....or"s into just being awesome at everything. But then again, preparation takes time and is pretty hard work, so who better to do that than someone else?


At Prepped, our mission is to do all the heavy lifting and prepare you to be the best version of yourself, starting with something close to all our hearts.... our stomachs.

Our Core Beliefs

Meals Are Spontaneous

Most of us don't know what we want to eat until we get hungry. Don't let those half-used ingredients in the fridge or delivery times determine what you'll be having.

Meals Should Be Affordable 

Why be forced to buy five onions when you just need one? Pay only for what you need -  no subscriptions or wastage needed.

Meals Are Not Chores

We strive to take all the troublesome parts of meal prep out of your life. No more detouring to a grocery store, or budgeting time to cut vegetables. Just skip straight to cooking.

The Team

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